The Hoopoe team started to take the first steps of the NFT project. We present our NFT project, which is still in the beginning stage, to our valued users. Precious Metals will now be yours only as NFT. let’s make a statement about our project after giving you a brief information about NFT.

NFT stands for non-fungible token.

NFT is a crypto that has the characteristics that ensure an identical token is not interchangeable with it. Therefore, NFTs create digital scarcity, ownership, and uniqueness for the crypto space.

An NFT is a token that cannot be replicated or replaced. And they’re not interchangeable. Because you connect them to digital assets.

NFTs are used to create digital scarcity. Let’s say I’m a digital artist. And I have my original artwork. I can create an NFT to verify that I’m the original owner of this image and that information will be stored on the blockchain. Which means it cannot be changed.

This solves some big problems on the internet because theft and plagiarism have always been issues. It’s very easy for someone to download your image and post it as their own.

With NFTs, you can verify your ownership of your masterpiece.

But NFTs are not just limited to digital assets. Anything digital can have its own NFT, including articles, music, domains, and much more!


Many artistic values found their place in the market as NFT. The Hoopoe team transforms precious metals into Ounces, Kilograms and grams, allowing you to become the sole owner of these precious metals. If you wish, hold these metals as a value storage tool, exchange them or sell them on our platform . Hoopoe team takes the first steps of the future gold banking and dematerialized gold system and invites you to this excitement.

NFTs are another exciting innovation that came with blockchain technology. And like many other aspects of blockchain tech, it stands to change the entire way we do things.

Please read the article for more information about Hoopoe Finance.


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Hoopoe is a decentralized community backed deflationary finance protocol which gives Ethereum gold to Hoop token holders as a staking rewards

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